What Francis' Latest Climate Text Means for Upcoming UN Summit

Pope Francis’ planned history-making trip to the latest global climate conference has been thwarted by illness. But his passionate advocacy for the environment still will be felt through his hot-off-the-press apostolic exhortation about the climate crisis. National Catholic Reporter’s environment correspondent Brian Roewe unpacks the pope’s new eco-document and explains how it relates to international climate diplomacy at and beyond Dubai.

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"Wood Pellet Giant Enviva Discloses a Financial Crisis"

"A financial crisis has enveloped Enviva, the Maryland-based company that’s been harvesting large swaths of forest in the Southeast United States to make wood pellets for electricity production in the United Kingdom and Europe." "The company’s stock price plunged as its new interim CEO announced financial losses. Environmentalists had long questioned a business model they said was based on greenwashing."

Source: Inside Climate News, 11/14/2023

Industry Figures Behind ‘Declaration Of Scientists’ Backing Meat Eating

"A public statement signed by more than 1,000 scientists in support of meat production and consumption has numerous links to the livestock industry, the Guardian can reveal. The statement has been used to target top EU officials against environmental and health policies and has been endorsed by the EU agriculture commissioner."

Source: Guardian, 10/30/2023

"UK Regulator Trying To Block Release Of Shell North Sea Documents"

"The UK’s oil and gas regulator is coming under fire from environmental groups for using lawyers to try to prevent the publication of five key documents relating to the environmental impact of Shell’s activities in the North Sea."

Source: Guardian, 10/27/2023
January 18, 2024

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