Deadly Threat To General Sherman And California's Beloved Giant Sequoias

"Last week, General Sherman, California's most famous giant sequoia, got a checkup.

Climbers from the Ancient Forest Society scaled the tree looking for signs of a sequoia bark beetle infestation — entrance holes where adults had burrowed into the branches and laid their eggs; exit holes, where larvae chewed their way out; globules of pitch, indicating the tree was putting up a fight, trying to push the beetles out.

And, simply, whether Sherman's canopy looked healthy.

The beetles can kill a tree within a year, starting at the top and working their way down over several generations. Feeding on the cambium, they can interrupt the tree's ability to distribute water and nutrients. "

Jacob Margolis reports for LAist May 27, 2024.


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Source: LAist, 06/03/2024