"Top Brands Buy Amazon Carbon Credits From Suspected Timber Laundering Scam"

"An analysis of two carbon credit projects in the Brazilian Amazon has found that they may be connected to illegal timber laundering.

Prior to the analysis, forest management plans had already been suspended in the areas over the same issue.

The projects belong to Ricardo Stoppe Jr., known as the biggest individual seller of carbon credits in Brazil, who has made millions of dollars selling these credits to companies like GOL Airlines, Nestlé, Toshiba, Spotify, Boeing and PwC; his partner in one of the projects was convicted of timber laundering six years ago.

Their REDD+ projects were developed by Carbonext, known as the largest carbon credit provider in Brazil, and certified by Verra, one of the world’s largest voluntary carbon market registries."

Fernanda Wenzel reports for Mongabay May 21, 2024.

Source: Mongabay, 05/23/2024