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SEJ's 29th annual conference took place October 9-13, 2019 in Fort Collins, Colorado, hosted by Colorado State University. Below, you'll find multimedia coverage provided by SEJ, volunteers and conference attendees.

Note: All audio recordings are posted. You can find them by session below. They're also now available as Apple and Google Podcasts, plus many places where you get your podcasts. Additional coverage:

It's critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. So we're tracking stories inspired by or informed by our conference in Fort Collins. The stories don't have to be about Fort Collins or Colorado; they can be based on sources or ideas you got from being at the conference. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. Send your story links to Cindy MacDonald, SEJ's Web content manager. It's never too late. Please send yours! Moderators, speakers, tour leaders: We also welcome resources, tipsheets, etc., from sessions or tours that you wish to share.

"It's easy to feel isolated as a freelancer in Canada. But after joining my fellow reporters in Colorado, I now feel part of a community, inspired and ready to tackle this job."

— Lauren Kaljur, SEJ Member and Freelance Journalist Read more from Lauren about SEJ's Fort Collins conference. Post-conference survey results.

Panel Moderators, Tour Leaders and Speakers:

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Wednesday, October 9
Thursday, October 10
Friday, October 11
Saturday, October 12
Sunday, October 13
Miscellaneous conference coverage and local news


Wednesday, October 9

Workshop 1. Covering Indian Country, Public Lands and Environmental Justice in the West

  • Covering Indian Country and Tribal Affairs: Audio file (01:34:58 / 66.8MB).
  • Hispanic Culture and Environmental Justice in the West: Audio file (01:01:12 / 43.1MB).
  • Attracting and Supporting Indigenous Staff: Audio file (00:38:24 / 27.0MB).
  • Mining Public Records for Stories on Public Lands: Audio file (00:42:59 / 30.2MB).
  • Public Lands Reporting From the Extremes: How to Cover Holistically: Audio file (01:25:02 / 59.8MB).
  • Event description.


Workshop 2. Climate Reporting Master Class, Presented by Climate Matters in the Newsroom



Workshop 3. A Hostile Environment: Surviving Journalism

Thursday, October 10

Tour 1. Oil and Gas Clashes With Human Development and Public Lands


Tour 2. National Renewable Energy Lab: Treasure Trove of Story Ideas


Tour 4. The Grand Transect: From the High Plains to the Heights of Rocky Mountain National Park

Tour 9. Wildlife Restoration on the Prairies: Ferreting Out a Solution

Tour 10. The Seed and Semen Bank


Friday, October 11

Opening Plenary: Public Lands at a Crossroads

Concurrent Sessions 1, THE CRAFT 2, Storyteller to Mediator — A New Path for Solutions-Focused Journalists?

Photo: © Andrew Revkin

Concurrent Sessions 1, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, Covering Indian Country and Tribal Affairs

Concurrent Sessions 1, ENERGY AND CLIMATE, Roadblocks to Renewables: Obstacles on the Road to a (Really) Low-Carbon Future

Concurrent Sessions 1, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, Beyond Conventional vs. Organic: Can Conventional and Organic Agriculture Find Common Ground?

Concurrent Sessions 1, WATER AND SNOW, Covering Outdoor Recreation

Concurrent Sessions 1, LAND AND CONSERVATION, What Will It Take To End Extinction?

Concurrent Sessions 1, NATION AND GLOBE, Future of the EPA

Luncheon Plenary: Elections 2020: Environment and Climate on the Campaign Trail

Concurrent Sessions 2, THE CRAFT 1, Seeing Environmentally

Concurrent Sessions 2, THE CRAFT 2, Freedom of Information in an Era of Decreasing Transparency

Concurrent Sessions 2, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, True West, True Stories: Why a Rainbow of Voices Is Missing From Our Federal Lands Coverage and How Redirecting Our Attention Will Mean Smarter Stories

Concurrent Sessions 2, ENERGY AND CLIMATE, Can States, Cities and Companies Fill the Leadership Void on Climate Change?

Concurrent Sessions 2, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, Can Green Be Clean? The Environmental Impacts of Legal Cannabis

Concurrent Sessions 2, WATER AND SNOW, Water Rights, Water Justice?

Concurrent Sessions 2, LAND AND CONSERVATION, Who Let the Bugs (Die) Out?

Concurrent Sessions 2, NATION AND GLOBE, Air Pollution and Health: Covering an Invisible Killer

Beat Dinner 11, Night Skies: Dinner and a Show

Saturday, October 12

Concurrent Sessions 3, THE CRAFT 1, Reinventing the News Business: The Promises and Perils of News Startups

Concurrent Sessions 3, THE CRAFT 2, Disaster Coverage Beyond Parachuting

Concurrent Sessions 3, ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE, Invisible Pollution, Invisible People: Covering Controversial Hormone-Mimicking Chemicals

Concurrent Sessions 3, ENERGY AND CLIMATE, Coal in Transition: What the Industry's Decline Means for Coal Communities

Concurrent Sessions 3, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, Soils and Earth and Greenhouse Gases

Concurrent Sessions 3, WATER AND SNOW, Western Water: The Push for More Storage in Headwaters

Concurrent Sessions 3, LAND AND CONSERVATION, The Wildfire Crisis: Can We Log (or Graze, Thin, Burn, Zone or Rake) Our Way Out of This?

Concurrent Sessions 3, NATION AND GLOBE, Market-Based Mechanisms: The Good, the Bad and the Details

Concurrent Sessions 4, THE CRAFT 1, Following the Money in Environmental Reporting

Concurrent Sessions 4, THE CRAFT 2, Beyond False Balance: Social Scientists and Environmental Journalists Tackle the Manipulation of Environmental Stories

Concurrent Sessions 4, ENERGY AND CLIMATE, Plastics and Climate Change: What’s Around the Corner

Concurrent Sessions 4, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, Agriculture: Climate Change Culprit, Victim and Solution

Concurrent Sessions 4, WATER AND SNOW, Water in the West: Challenges and Solutions

Concurrent Sessions 4, LAND AND CONSERVATION, Leaky Mines: A Toxic Time Bomb

Concurrent Sessions 4, NATION AND GLOBE, Why Don’t Journalists Talk About Human Population?

Environmental Journalism Awards Luncheon

Sunday, October 13

Due to technical issues, there is no audio recording of the Sunday authors panel.

Miscellaneous conference coverage

Topics on the Beat: