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How to reach SEJ members

Paid services for those with messages intended for mass distribution to SEJ Members:

Postal mailing list
Electronic press release distribution service
Advertise in SEJ publications

Come to or exhibit at SEJ conferences: SEJ has an annual conference in the fall and several regional conferences each year. Non-members are welcome to attend the annual conference and many of the regional conferences.


Advertise at the Annual Conference
Advertise on Run a display ad throughout SEJ's website.
Advertise in SEJournal: Place a display ad in SEJ's weekly digital magazine. For advertising information and rates, or to advertise your recent book in the new digital SEJournal (special rate for SEJ members), email

Online Membership Directory: SEJ members may use our online membership directory to search for other members by name, occupation or area of expertise. This valuable resource and others, such as access to our archived Internet mailing lists and discount conference registration, are among the many benefits of SEJ membership. Please note: SEJ policy prohibits use of member directory for mass mailings.


How to contact SEJ staff

Society of Environmental Journalists
1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006

Phone: 202-558-2055

Meaghan Parker
Executive Director

Beth Parke
Founding Executive Director

Chris Bruggers
Deputy Director; Director of Awards

For information about SEJ membership, placing ads, using SEJ's press release distribution service and other questions:
Meagan Jeanette

For information about SEJ's Annual Conference:
Jay Letto
Annual Conference Director
509-493-4428 (West Coast - Pacific Time)

For SEJ website technical inquiries/comments:
Cindy MacDonald
Web Content Manager

For EJToday, TipSheet and WatchDog TipSheet inquiries:
Joe Davis

For SEJournal Online editorial inquiries:
A. Adam Glenn

For inquiries/comments on SEJ's Spanish-language membership network, programs and services:
Talli Nauman
Diversity Program Associate