Environmental Health

"Highly Infectious Poliovirus Found In Gaza Sewage Samples"

"The poliovirus has been found in sewage samples from Gaza putting thousands of people living in crowded displaced persons’ camps at risk of contracting the highly infectious disease that can cause deformities and paralysis."

Source: Guardian, 07/23/2024
July 24, 2024

Radioactive Waste Symposium: Growing Threats, Emerging Solutions

Hosted by the Samuel Lawrence Foundation in cooperation with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, panels will assess the current state of radioactive waste dangers at the San Onofre Generating Station (SONGS), in coastal areas of the U.S. and nationwide.​ 10am-5pm PT.


"Billions in US Funding Boosts Lithium Mining, Stressing Water Supplies"

"Add lithium to water in a chemistry lab, and you’ll get an incendiary reaction. The same might be said of opening new lithium mines: The prospect can spark conflicts when it comes to water."

Source: Floodlight/Energy News Network, 07/22/2024

"Could Robot Weedkillers Replace The Need For Pesticides?"

"On a sweltering summer day in central Kansas, farm fields shimmer in the heat as Clint Brauer watches a team of bright yellow robots churn up and down the rows, tirelessly slicing away any weeds that stand in their way while avoiding the growing crops."

Source: Guardian, 07/22/2024

Texas Heat Deaths Climb After Beryl Left Millions Without Power For Days

"As the temperature soared in the Houston-area home Janet Jarrett shared with her sister after losing electricity in Hurricane Beryl, she did everything she could to keep her 64-year-old sibling cool."

Source: LA Times, 07/22/2024

Greenhouse Heat: Touted Climate Solution Threatens Agricultural Workers

"To harvest tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, to clip herbs, to prune and propagate succulents, people work in oppressive heat and humidity. Some wring out shirts soaked with sweat. Some contend with headaches, dizziness and nausea. Some collapse. Some hover on the brink of exhaustion, backs straining, breathing heavily."

Source: AP, 07/22/2024

"New York City Bill Would Mandate Air-Conditioning for Tenants"

"As New York City endures its third heat wave of the year, a city councilman plans to introduce a bill this week that would require landlords to buy, install and maintain air-conditioning units or cooling systems for tenants during the summer, with fines of up to $1,250 per day for noncompliance."

Source: NYTimes, 07/19/2024


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