Environmental Justice

"Research Shows Heat Exposure Disproportionately Affects Black Richmonders"

"Michael, a resident of Richmond’s Southside who declined to share his last name, sat on Forest Hill Avenue waiting for a bus Tuesday just before 2 p.m., when a car thermometer recorded the temperature at 94 degrees."

Source: Virginia Mercury, 07/12/2024

Azerbaijan Plans Climate Fund After Pushback On Fossil-Fuel Levy: Source

"Azerbaijan, host of this year's U.N. COP29 climate summit, has scrapped plans to propose a levy on fossil-fuel producers to raise climate-change funding, and instead aims to launch a new fund at the summit for green investments in poorer countries, a senior COP29 source said."

Source: Reuters, 07/11/2024

"These Biden Rules Could Be Trashed By Trump"

"Some priority regs — including climate standards for existing gas-fired power plants, curbs on lead and copper in drinking water, and heat protections for workers — could be doomed."

Source: E&E News, 07/11/2024

Behind Tribal Spearfishing Is A Long, Violent History Of Denied Treaty Rights

"On a twilight so calm the red and white pines are reflected in the waters of northern Wisconsin’s Chippewa Flowage, John Baker plans to go spearfishing — a traditional Ojibwe method of harvesting walleye. But before he sets out, he detours his boat to land on a sandy shore, hops out and crosses the tree line, crunching through dead leaves. “This is my sanctuary,” he says, recalling childhood visits in his dad’s rowboat."

Source: AP, 07/10/2024

Border Town Firefighters Scramble To Save Migrants From Extreme Summer Heat

It’s a relatively quiet — and hot — afternoon at Sunland Park’s Fire Department Station 1. ... Suddenly, a loud radio call blasts through the station’s speakers. ... Four firefighters rush to get ready, which includes loading ice into a cooler. The ice is essential — it's used to lower the body temperature of someone in distress from extreme heat."

Source: NPR, 07/09/2024

"Advocates Decry Attempt To Halt New Silica Rule Meant To Protect Miners"

"A single line included in the proposed annual appropriations bill for the U.S. Department of Labor and other agencies could — if adopted by congress later this year — halt the implementation of a newly finalized rule limiting the amount of silica dust miners are exposed to while working underground."

Source: West Virginia Watch, 07/08/2024


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