"Oil Spills And Near Misses: More Ghost Tankers Ship Sanctioned Fuel"

"An oil tanker runs aground off eastern China, leaking fuel into the water. Another is caught in a collision near Cuba. A third is seized in Spain for drifting out of control. These vessels were part of a "shadow" fleet of tankers carrying oil last year from countries hit by Western sanctions, according to a Reuters analysis of ship tracking and accident data and interviews with more than a dozen industry specialists."

Source: Reuters, 03/24/2023
April 28, 2023

DEADLINE: IJNR Lake Superior Institute

The Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources invites applications until Apr 28 for an expenses-paid Institute for journalists, Jun 10-16, 2023, along Minnesota’s north shore of Lake Superior and into Canada while exploring how we use, manage and conserve this incomparable freshwater resource and related issues.

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"Falling Lithium Prices Are Making Electric Cars More Affordable"

"Lithium, the common ingredient in almost all electric-car batteries, has become so precious that it is often called white gold. But something surprising has happened recently: The metal’s price has fallen, helping to make electric vehicles more affordable."

Source: NYTimes, 03/22/2023


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