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"Why The Return Of Sea Otters To Canada’s West Coast Is Making Waves"

"The group of otters floats between amber stalks of kelp, preening their coats and foraging for urchins. Sheltered in a natural bay off Haida Gwaii, one of the most unforgiving coastlines on the west coast of Canada, the skittish mammals are hidden – from the fast-moving currents, and from groups that have pledged to shoot them on sight."

Source: Guardian, 12/01/2023

US Will Protect Wolverines As Climate Change Melts Their Mountain Refuges

"The North American wolverine will receive long-delayed threatened species protections under a Biden administration proposal released Wednesday in response to scientists’ warnings that climate change will likely melt away the rare species’ snowy mountain refuges and push them toward extinction."

Source: AP, 11/30/2023

Sea Turtle Nests Break Records On US Beaches, But Warming Threatens Survival

"Just as they have for millions of years, sea turtles by the thousands made their labored crawl from the ocean to U.S. beaches to lay their eggs over the past several months. This year, record nesting was found in Florida and elsewhere despite growing concern about threats from climate change."

Source: AP, 11/28/2023

"BLM Ends Use of M-44 'Cyanide Bombs' On Public Lands"

"The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is taking action to end the use of M-44 devices that deliver sodium cyanide on public land. This decision would build on existing limitations in several States and extend across all public lands managed by the BLM."

Source: Idaho State Journal, 11/27/2023


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