July 9, 2024

GIJN Webinar: How Latin America Connects to Your Story

This Global Investigative Journalism Network webinar is on investigations into intricate webs of misconduct that start in Latin America but impact communities around the world. Explore the region’s global reach of illicit money, deforestation, illegal mining, drug trafficking and environmental destruction. 11:00 ET.


Pulling Back the Curtain on the Plunder of the Planet

“Pitfall: The Race to Mine the World’s Most Vulnerable Places,” a new work by investigative journalist Christopher Pollon, offers a sweeping global view of how the mining industry profits, despite causing vast environmental losses and failing to acknowledge Indigenous ownership or rights to the land it mines. BookShelf’s Melody Kemp lauds Pollon’s searing observations and investigations. Read her review.

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Biden USFS Old-Growth Forest Proposal Doesn’t Completely Ban Logging

"The Biden administration is advancing its plan to restrict logging within old-growth forests that are increasingly threatened by climate change, with exceptions that include cutting trees to make forests less susceptible to wildfires, according to a U.S. government analysis obtained by The Associated Press."

Source: AP, 06/21/2024

"World’s Top Banks ‘Greenwashing Their Role In Destruction Of The Amazon’"

"Five of the world’s biggest banks are “greenwashing” their role in the destruction of the Amazon, according to a report that indicates that their environmental and social guidelines fail to cover more than 70% of the rainforest."

Source: Guardian, 06/13/2024


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